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MISK Hosted a First and Foremost Islamic (PATTIMANDRAM)
Debate Talk Program in Kuwait (A Salient Symposium in Tamil)
As a part of Islamic Cultural Awareness Conference 2012

Majlis Ihya'u Sunna Kuwait (MISK) hosted a first and foremost Islamic Debate Talk Program (PATTIMANDRAM) in Kuwait as a part of Islamic Cultural Awareness Conference - 2012 which was held on 26-27 January 2012 at Fahaheel and Kuwait City.


An Islamic Debate Talk Program (a salient symposium in tamil) was hosted by MISK on Friday, 27th January 2012 at Social reform Society (Jamiyathul Eslah ) Auditorium, Rawdah, which was started at 4:00 P.M with the Holy verses by Janab Alhaj Kabeer Ali (Treasurer - MISK).  

Head of Tamil Department in Islamiah College, Vaniyambadi & a prominent
and prestigious celebrity of AGADA VIGADAM Program in Raj TV...

Kavimamani, Dr. T.M. ABDUL KADAR, M.A., Ph.D

Moderated and comported this thrilling session as a part of the conference. An appropriate title was selected in order to explore and expose the feelings freely about the Islamic Society and its status on various aspects, an open invitation been given publicly to participate in this remarkable program regardless of religion and faiths. The following Tamil debaters (No matter of Religion) were confirmed their participation to the debate talk program (Pattimandram) on the theme of...

"The Trend Of Islamic Community Today is... 


Praising Debaters (for the BLISSFUL TEAM No. 1)

1.    Bro. Valanadan Immanuel

2.    Bro. Anada Ravi (Kuwait Tamil)

3.   Bro. Amanullah (TMMK)

4.   Bro. Sadiq Batcha (Al-Awdah)

Team Number (1) consists of 4 members of blissful team happily expressed the contentions on excellent status of the Islamic Community and its development on Educational and cultural fields as well the tremendous awareness on present days over distinguished principles of Islam and highest prescripts of Prophet (PBUH) with their own practise with Islamic brothers and good experience within the society. 

Vexing Debaters (for the BLAMEFUL TEAM No. 2)

1.    Bro. Abdul Salam (Tiruchy)

2.   Bro. Rahmathullah (TISA)

3.    Bro. Satyan (Pattukkottai)

4.    Bro. Habeeburrahman

Team Number (2) regretfully expressed their feelings with criticizing the strong arguments over the Islamic Community and pointed out many wrong practises and immoralities of some Muslims of today as well they are so unaware about presenting Islam to mankind which is mandatory thru Islamic day to day life pattern which teaches the highest qualities. Some debaters indicated social distress due to the malpractices and evils applying to the downtrodden, as well the mentioning about the lack of political empowerment which needed more awareness and endeavours for the uplift of the community. Many regretted about the lavishness on marriage and other personal needs. The important issues been stated about the women's role in Islam which is highly sensible about their educations with proper preserving as per Islamic directions. Finally the International policies and Medias' wrong propagations and communications over Islam and Muslims are highly condemned by this team, so we need the alternative factors intellectually in this modern world to reciprocating timely and defending our society from all the iniquities.  


The program has been conducted with high standard and code, the debaters were so proficiently expressed their own experiences and perceptions without harming anyone particularly and the platform professed to know the real status of Islam today from the members of different faiths including Muslims as a team concept. 

After the contestations from two different (2) teams, Kavimamani Dr.T.M. Abdul Kadar took the rostrum to express his valid verdict over these subjects with high analysis and wealth of his vast knowledge in this field where the thousand of audiences were expecting eagerly for his judgement speech.

Kavimamani regretted for the blameful aspects in the society which predominated nowadays as per the team members of Blaming (2). Despite, He pointed many good outgrowths of present Muslims' in several field.  especially the educational field reaching a distinct level comparatively with past, Many muslims are proving their successfulness soundly and establishing their level best such as Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and many more personalities in different field showing their sapience and wisdom. 

So we need to eradicate the negative points and our immortalities which shown by this session and need to encourage and endeavouring mostly towards positive points of success. "May Allah the Almighty give all success to our community" 

All Praise to the Almighty Allah. The MISK Administration expressed the special thanks and appreciation to Kavimamani Dr. T.M. Abdul Kadar for the excellent cooperation for conducting and moderating the Islamic Debate talk Program which conducted in Kuwait successfully, as well the heartfelt gratitude to all the debaters those who strived and expressed their views freely and fantastically for this very substantive theme. 

The Special Mementos were presented to all the debaters for the token of love and appreciation. 

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