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MISK - 1st Family Program – 01 - 09 - 2010

MISK – Majlis Ihya'u Sunna Kuwait arranged a special program for families which was held on 01st October 2010 at Janab Abdurrazak's Residence in Farwaniya.

Moulana Moulavi T.P. Abdul Latif Kasimi (President – MISK) presided over the function. Janab Doctor G. Shafiullah (Vice President – MISK) recited the holy verses on beginning. Janab M. Muneer Ahmed welcomed everyone and anchored the whole program. Moulana Moulavi Mohammed Ali Rashadi (Joint Secretary – MISK) delivered the opening address. Moulana Moulavi T.P Abdul Latif Qasimi ( President – MISK) and Moulana Moulavi Mohammed Ajwad Raiwindi ( Vice President – MISK) both delivered the special addresses where they pointed out the high qualities of Islamic etiquettes which to be persisted in our each and every parts of our life.  especially the manners of entering to others' houses and our behaviors during our stay in their houses.  Our obligations towards the Creator Allah the Almighty and our important obligations towards the servants of Allah. We need to be very careful to behave with others life and the particularly the backbiting others which is severe then the adultery. Specifically the speeches touched the manners of husband and wife also their responsibilities and obligations each others. Many examples were given by the life of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) during his married life. Generosity and good habits will lead the satisfies life.

Moulana Moulavi Syed Ali Baqavi ( Co-ordinator MISK) compiled some questions out of the both speeches and asked towards the ladies section. This effort took place in order to encourage the ladies to listen the speeches very keen and careful to implement in their life. Three Prizes (First, Second and Third) were presented to three ladies for their good response for these questions.

The program ended with the Du'a (Supplication) by Janab Shajahan Hazrath ( CC Member – MISK).

Around Hundreds of men and women including few prominent personalities in Kuwait were benefitted by attending this wonderful program. The Dinner were served at end of the program.